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ënRiched™  ë - 1 Sample Pak

Each order contains enough product for 6 individual plants. Includes free shipping. All Bank or Credit Card charges will appear as Thomas Callahan III, LLC

How to use:

After your seed or clone start is transplanted, simply open the tube and place the contents on top of your plant soil. Then water your plant with your preferred watering method as follows;

If you hand Water:

Spread the contents evenly around the base of the plant targeting the root zone. Pour water over the added contents to dissolve with each watering application.

If you have a watering system:

Empty the contents in a pile near the watering tube outlet close to the root zone. The goal is to allow the water to pass across the top of the pile and dissolve with each watering cycle. Run your watering cycle as normally scheduled.

Welcome yourself to “Team TrichomëGen”

Congratulations, you are now part of a family of professional growers from around the world uniting to unveil the endless mysteries of mother cannabis. We sincerely appreciate your business and trust you will be thrilled at the difference your plants will reveal as a result.

Our organic product lines are purposefully designed to work with all growing mediums and plant nutrification inputs. However, those following organic growing practices, as opposed to synthesized or salt-based product inputs, recognize the greatest results from our product's genetic influencing ability. Where possible, we highly encourage all growers to pursue organic-based inputs in order to maximize the benefit of our transformative product, and unleash the full genetic potential of your plant strain. Be it:  plant mass, flavonoids, THC, trichomes, revenues or overall plant health with TrichomëGen you grow more, get more, and make more.

Thank you for growing with us, we look forward to a lasting partnership with you.

Sincerely, Team TrichomëGen