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ë - 6 Pak


ë - 6 Pak


ënRiched™  ë - 6 Pak

Each order contains enough product for 6 individual plants. Includes free shipping. All Bank or Credit Card charges will appear as Thomas Callahan III, LLC

How to use:

After your seed or clone start is transplanted, simply open the tube and place the contents on top of your plant soil. Then water your plant with your preferred watering method as follows;

If you hand Water:

Spread the contents evenly around the base of the plant targeting the root zone. Pour water over the added contents to dissolve with each watering application.

If you have a watering system:

Empty the contents in a pile near the watering tube outlet close to the root zone. The goal is to allow the water to pass across the top of the pile and dissolve with each watering cycle. Run your watering cycle as normally scheduled.

Welcome yourself to “Team TrichomëGen”

Congratulations, you are now part of a family of professional growers from around the world uniting to unveil the endless mysteries of mother cannabis. We sincerely appreciate your business and trust you will be thrilled at the difference your plants will reveal as a result.

Our organic product lines are purposefully designed to work with all growing mediums and plant nutrification inputs. However, those following organic growing practices, as opposed to synthesized or salt-based product inputs, recognize the greatest results from our product's genetic influencing ability. Where possible, we highly encourage all growers to pursue organic-based inputs in order to maximize the benefit of our transformative product, and unleash the full genetic potential of your plant strain. Be it:  plant mass, flavonoids, THC, trichomes, revenues or overall plant health with TrichomëGen you grow more, get more, and make more.

Thank you for growing with us, we look forward to a lasting partnership with you.

Sincerely, Team TrichomëGen

What's so special...

about The Little Brown Prill?

  • Vertically Integrated Organic Processing

    From start to finish, our commitment is to reduce costs and control the quality of the products and services we provide our customers. We independently process our own organic inputs to ensure superior product quality & supply and offer direct source cost savings for our growers to purchase product straight from us, the manufacturer. In today's market, we think that's pretty special.

  • Improve Genetic Expression

    ënRiched™ provides the most bio-available micro-nutrients which partner with your plant in stimulating cellular genetic completeness to build the highest quality, highest-grade full-spectrum of compounds capable of being expressed.

    Our product works directly with nature to provide your plant what it wants, when it wants, as much as it wants.

  • 2-6 week Shorter Growth Cycles

    Shortening grow cycles is what we do.

    Our carbon-based nutrients motivate the plants’ life cycle by accelerating root formation, boosting beneficial microbial activity, advancing enzymatic amplification, and stimulating cellular genetic development to accelerate maximized plant outcomes of growth, appearance and reproduction.

    This shortens growth cycles by 2-4 weeks on average. More cycles mean more money to your bottom line.

  • Improve Yield by 30-200%

    The key to a bountiful harvest comes from two key factors namely; the increase in the cells energy (and the intensification of the ion-exchange process as a result), and the increase of penetrability of the cell membranes themselves. These independent processes drive yield, health and DNA complexing which ultimately determines overall value of a harvest. ënRiched™ strategically works within the growing medium to biologically enhance both processes at the highest levels. Through advanced preprocessing techniques, bioavailable microorganisms and minerals are converted for absorption by the root hairs allowing ënRiched™ to jump start rapid, accelerated plant growth that delivers dramatic higher-quality, higher-volume Trichome +rich yields. It’s no wonder our satisfied growers boast extraordinary results.

What Can I Expect?

  • Vegetative Photo Period

    After your seed or clone start is transplanted, simply spread ënRiched™ evenly on top of the soil, around the plant base root zone, then simply water it in. Underneath the soil, macro and organic macro nutrient trace minerals are being delivered immediately to your soil ecology and root delivery system. Organic pH buffering will begin along with the construction of humus complexing to generate nutrient circulation and bring about stronger plant signaling. Bulkier root mass with increased mirco-hairs will soon be formed to later become the superhighway delivery system your plant needs to thrive. Get ready to see the difference as your plant orients itself to its new soil biome.

  • Early Flower (Transition)

    As food demand is high, and lights are transitioned, this is the stage where the growth of your plant increases significantly. Beneath the soil, microorganisms are converting +rich bioavailable nutrients into defense stratum fuel being delivering to the “on-ramps” of your root superhighway delivery system. Watch as your stocks become thicker, your nodes become plentiful, your grow becomes fuller and new leaves fan out across your grow. Your healthy plants are preparing themselves for a heavy burst of ënRiched™ Trichomes.

  • Mid Flower

    During this stage, as many growers are adding Bloom Boosters, ënRiched™ plants continue to feed rapidly off of the bioavailable nutrients made available during the vegetative cycle. Because our product creates a symbiotic relationship between the roots and soil microbes themselves, beneath the soil your root superhighways are delivering unlimited amounts of essential nourishment throughout your plant whenever it wants. Flavor, aroma, weight and internal defense mechanisms are all being fortified to produce a +rich harvest.

  • Late Flower (Final 3 weeks)

    Entering the final homestretch to harvest, Master Growers validate the continued importance of this stage of development. Do not be surprised if your plants look different or finish early as this is where our partner growers experience the most intense genetic expressions from their plants. Major resinous bud development with heavy ënRiched™ Trichome proliferation is now being realized. Increased brix, intensified flavonoids, heightened CBD/THC levels, additional fingers on plant leaves, larger flower size and counts with greater plant mass and overall yield proliferation are all outcomes of a +rich harvest. Beneath the surface, the molecular balance of your growing medium continues to promote organic acid production to the very end. As a result, your roots are more receptive to both water and nutrients making them flow more fully into the plant, stimulating optimal nutritional growth which ultimately delivers the source for +rich results.