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See why Urban Indoor, Greenhouse and Commerical Growers are Reaping the Bennefits of an ënRiched™ Harvest.

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Introducing ënRiched™

Packed with humified organics, fulvic and humic acids, and micronized essential trace minerals containing vital micro-nutrients ënRiched™ was purposefully designed to benefit every cycle of your grow. Our distinct formula allows you, the grower, to maximize your yields while unlocking the hidden values of every strain of cannabis.

TrichomëGen™ partners with growers who are passionate not only about producing a high-quality heavy crop but further discovering the hidden potential of all cannabis strains.

How it's Made

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How it Works

A mama bird feeds her chicks by sourcing and pre-digesting vital ingredients necessary for optimal growth. This allows the chick to quickly intake all the nutrients it needs for immediate nourishment, without using precious energy for digestion itself.

In a similar way, ënRiched™ has been sourced from vital ingredients across the world, is pre-digested and chelated to form an easily absorbable mineral complex - allowing your plant to immediately intake all the nutrients it needs for nourishment and optimal growth, without using precious energy for digestion itself. Instead, your plant can focus its energy on thriving and flourishing to deliver a heavy trichome rich harvest.



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How it's Used

Easy to try, Easy to apply.

ënRiched™ is water activated. Because it has been micronized to a water-soluble form and is entirely organic without wax or any other type of paraffin binding agent, it quickly breaks down when it comes into contact with liquid. The liquified oxygenated nutrients are instantly carried down into the soil where it is distributed directly to the root zone. This stimulates significant root growth and creates a root system superhighway allowing the plant unlimited access for nutrient uptake, as much as it wants whenever it wants, promoting unrestricted growth and heightened quality.

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