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How Can I Get Super Awesome Grows?

If you want super awesome grows, use ënRiched; no joke. TrichomëGen’s formula is next level that simply outperforms other amendments in the marketplace. We have growers experiencing increases of 400% on their plant yields! How do we do that? We use the best ingredients and blend that with our proprietary technology. Your plants will love it and we think your wallet will too; Just sayin.

What is in ënRiched™?

What about N, P, K?

How does it work?

When's the best time to add the good good goods?

Will it work on my plants?

Can I use too much?

Do you recommend a certain soil?

Does pH level matter?

What to Avoid?

Will it eliminate the need for mold fungus or pest control?

What about water?

Is there an expiration date?

Can I use it in my hydroponic grow?

How do I get the product?

This sounds too good to be true.

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