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At TrichomëGen™ we love the Cannabis plant, the Environment and Planet Earth. Many of us have seen first hand the many miracles that Cannabis can unlock. Our love of Planet Earth as well, has guided every step of our research and development and product philosophy. We believe in leaving our children a planet that will allow them to thrive. We utilize the latest in scientific research and real-life experience to create products we can proudly stand behind. Like mother nature herself, we want you and your plants to be super heroes.

What are our Roots?

With a diverse corporate team, and a visionary advisory board, TrichomëGen is already made a sweeping impact on the Cannabis Industry. Doing exactly what our Scientists, Engineers, Formulators, and Founders set out to do... 

Impacting Medical Discovery, and Innovation:

By providing plants everything they need, we know the possibilities are endless. Our Mission is to take the handcuffs off of Cannabis growers worldwide, and supply them with the things they need. We partner with the best, and provide them the best science to help their plants thrive. Together, we create the best cannabis available. Period.