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"It was so simple to use, it felt too good to be true."

Jon C. - Commercial Cannabis Grower, 12 years Humboldt County, CA

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Our scientists designed ënRiched to work within every nutrition schedule.

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Test it on Your Own Plants

After your seed or clone start is transplanted, simply spread ënRiched™ evenly on top of the soil, around the plant base root zone, then water it in.

It's that easy.

See for Yourself

See, Smell, and Feel your plants thrive! Watch as the Buds continue forming, and the Trichomes keep proliferating.

Our growers report fuller leaves, enhanced terpenes with intensified flavonoids and cannabinoids, and increased plant growth from 30%-200%+. What will your plant reveal?


“We’ve grown the same seed strains for more than 4 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Our plants went from having only 5 leaves on average to between 7 and 9 each. The leaves were coated with thick, heavy terpenes, the brix increased like never before, and the THC was the highest we’ve ever seen it.”

“I’m not sure what is in this product but my plants are going nuts! I’m getting better growth and faster response than anything I’ve ever seen before. I'm also getting new leaves overnight, its CRAZY! Every morning when I wake up, I swear it’s a totally different plant I'm looking at!”

“I’ve been a commercial grower for 8 years. After adding this product to my growing protocols, my plants went from a 1-pound average to more than 5-pounds per plant. My growth cycles also went from 16 weeks down to 12 giving me an extra growth I never had before. This stuff is unbelievable.”

Looking for a Trichome Rich Harvest?

  • Start with +Rich Soil

    Experienced growers know what happens when a plant is not provided the healthy soil matrix it needs to thrive. Whether it is a lack of nutrientsinsufficient mineralsincorrect soil density, unbalanced moisture content, or a lack of organic matter, healthy soil is the basis of a healthy plant.

    Our soils biology is critical to our bottom line.

  • Is my plant working too hard?

    Imbalanced soil makes a plant work harder. A plant that wastes critical energy searching poor soil for essential nourishment cannot spend time delivering and storing vital nutrients and minerals for faster access later.

    This decreases a plants ability to defend itself from bugs, molds, pH and substrate fluctuations, nutrient blackouts and much more. Defective soil puts a plants success in ultimate danger.

  • A Professionals Take:

    "The reason is simple: a healthy colony of the right kinds of microbes and fungi keeps detrimental molds, bugs, and bacteria away while also breaking down nutrients so they can be more readily ingested by the root system. This tends to boost resin production and maximize the content of terpenes (the compounds that provide aroma)."

    -Adolfo Gonzalez
    The Georgia Straight

Getting Stronger Plants

  • Rich Soil means Healthy Growth Cycles

    Balanced soil rich in healthy biology produces healthier root formations known as the plants transportation delivery system. These “roadways” ensure the delivery of vital minerals and nutrients to a plant through its capillary uptake system.

    With access to rich soil biology, plants grow stronger stalks, thicker cellulase, denser colas, and more flowers giving a healthy plant more surface area to build Trichomes, its valuable defense system.

  • Unhealthy Plants are Vulnerable

    An unhealthy plant is at risk to every environmental distraction. Light burn, pests, powder mold, nutrient blackouts and much more. Without sufficient delivery of vital macro or micro-nutrients from a balanced rich soil, the plant is incapable of protecting itself from these risks.

    Simply put, unhealthy plants produce fewer, less potent trichomes rendering themselves defenseless to even the most common problems.

  • Defending Quality Product

    When growers want the highest economic value for their crop, they must deliver the greatest genetic expression both visually and biologically. Plants with sufficient delivery, and an unlimited access to balanced rich soil essentials, will be the difference between high-quality and subpar product to a buyer.

    Top-shelf flower is the hallmark of a quality cultivator. A consistent harvest of supreme product creates repeat buyers for our Cannabusiness.

Get Richer Trichomes

  • Trichomes: Our Plants "Pot of Gold"

    Healthy plants build their defense system by producing more trichomes. These quality indicators can cover nearly every square inch of the plant, including the roots. Because a trichomes lifecycle largely parallels that of the cannabis plant on which it resides, it's why Master Growers pay such close attention to them.

    But trichomes don't just play defense. The appearance of trichomes are the realization of a plants ultimate success. The more trichomes you can see with the naked eye, the better indicator of the plants quality and flower’s potency, not only for intoxicating qualities but therapeutic properties as well.

  • Trichomes: Not just about DEFENSE...

    Trichomes are the plants bio-chemical factory producing hundreds of known, and yet many unknown cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoid values. These chemicals are what make cannabis strains flavorful, potent, unique, and effective.

    Trichomes are themicroscopic currency of our plant. Which is why Trichomes are used as the standard for determining a plants genetic quality, potency, and ultimate value.

  • Trichomes: The way of the future

    Every grower is looking to get the most out of her/his cannabis plant. Whether this involves feeding it the proper nutrients or giving the right amount of light, it all comes down to Trichomes. We absolutely cannot emphasize the importance of trichomes to the cannabis cultivator enough. It’s a fact, the resin really is everything. Trichomes have never been so important to the cannabis culture

    “Our Blog”
    Royal Queen Seeds

Grow More. Get More. Make More.

  • Value from Soil to Trichome

    +Rich soil generates +Rich Trichomes. +Rich Trichomes reveal amplified medicinal and therapeutic value of the cannabis plant.

    This means enriched trichomes remain the future of discovering and unveiling the mysteries and harnessing the power of cannabis.

    A heavy crop rich in Trichomes gives every grower the best chance to supply premium cannabis to market.

  • Grow More, Get More, Make More

    Supplying premium cannabis, thick in Trichomes is what we help growers do. Our +Rich soil, dense with balanced soil biology provides the optimal conditions for a plant to thrive.

    Our ënRiched™ soil sciences further stimulate maximized root development turning these ordinary “roadway” delivery systems into virtual “superhighways” giving your plant what it wants, when it wants, as much as it wants naturally. This offers unrestricted freedom to burst at the seams and grow so much more. You provide the skill; we provide the science for your soil. Together we can produce +Rich Results across the board.

  • What kind of growth do our Partner Growers Experience?

    Although many of our partner growers experience a substantial increase in yield, even a small increase of 30% still represents a significant multiplier to a cultivator’s bottom line. 

    Heavy trichomes, increased flavonoids, heavier resins, increased flower size and count, intensified brix, greater plant mass, 2-4 additional fingers on plant leaves, shortened growth cycles, fuller thicker roots, intensified CBD/THC levels, and undisputable healthier, heartier plants with greater resistance to pests and molds…….these are the kind of +Rich Results our growers are experiencing.

Maximize your Yields

Any Strain, Any Market Price. More means, More.

  • How can this increase Growers' bottom line?

    Differing cannabis strains earn different “market prices”. Savvy buyers are also pushing growers for only superior-grade products. In order to achieve maximized profitability, today’s growers must diversify their crop cycles and grow multiple strains of high volume, high-quality cannabis without increase of overhead or operational footprint.

    We understand the importance of bottom line profits. Regardless of the strain being cultivated, our growers recognize both higher yields and higher quality harvests simply by adding “ënRiched™” to their grow cycles. This translates to increased net profits to our growers’ bottom line.

  • According to The Global Cannabis Report...

    Global marijuana sales could increase more than eightfold by 2024”

    “The 87-page report, released this past week, suggests that worldwide legal weed revenue will increase to (drumroll) $103.9 billion by 2024. This would represent an 853% increase in sales from 2018 and equates to a compound annual growth rate of 45.6%, if accurate.

    Sean Williams
    The Motley Fool
    Nov 9, 2019

Are you ready for +Rich Results?

We understand the passion each grower has for their unique process. Every grower puts their individualized fingerprint on each plant they grow. From the Genetics, and Strains chosen, all the way through to the Extraction. We're here to help you achieve excellence in every way.

This is why we designed a product that can be used by any grower, of any skill level, within their current process and Nutrition schedule. 

ënRiched, a Simple addition...

"I've been focused on growing the Wedding Cake strain for several years now, but I've grown cannabis commercially for 12 years.

I've watched the industry evolve and change. To remain competitive, I have to try new things. This was such a simple addition to my schedule, that it made sense to give it a shot."

Jon C. - Commercial Grower Humboldt, CA